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Japan’s Internet Giant Upgrades 7nm Bitcoin Miner After B2 Launch


GMO Miner B3: Japan's Internet Giant Upgrades 7nm Bitcoin Miner After B2 Launch

GMO Launches a New Upgrade on its 7nm Bitcoin Miner

The Japanese giant GMO, decided to launch a new upgrade of its bitcoin miner with the 7nm ASIC mining chips. The latest model can achieve a higher hash rate and has a ‘hash power optimization function.’ This new device will have the same price as the older model that was sold out.

The new model has been launched on Monday and it is known as GMO miner B3. The new device will have the ‘mining ASIC of 7nm process GMO72b’ that can miner SHA256 cryptocurrencies and execute mining of Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

There is an important difference between the B2 and B3 models. The B2 model has a maximum hash power of 24TH/s and the B3 has a hash power of 33TH/s. That means that the company was able to increase its hashing power 37,5%.

The company explained about the latest product:

“The major characteristics of GMO miners B3 are that it has the maximum hash power of 33TH/s as well as can adjust the hash power optimally up to 33TH/s depending on the mining environment and global hash rate.”

The consumption increases with the latest actualization. For example, the B2 model consumes 1,950 w per unit – 81W per TH/s. But the B3 model, working at full capacity, will consume 3,417w per unit – 103W per TH/s.

As per the price of the miners that GMO sells are set each month. On Jun th e6th, the price for each GMO miner B2 was $1,999.

It is important to mention that the B3 model will be shipped in November, 5 months from now. And they explained that they can upgrade the B2 model to the GMO miner B3 for free, if requested by the buyer.

At the moment, the company accepts BTC, BCH and US Dollars as payment for its products, that have 180-day warranty. Additionally, the company will include 2 power supply units (without the shipping costs).

Optimal Mining

GMO explained on Monday’s announcement that the B3 model will have a special function that will set the optimal hash power and power consumption depending on the environment. The decision to implement this actualization is related to the fact that users were requesting a feature to adjust the hash power.

With this new functions there are two different modes, the automatic mode, and the manual mode. The first one mentioned will adjust automatically the hash power to 33TH/s ‘in accordance with the electricity cost’ that varies depending on the environment.

In addition to all these features, GMO explained that the B3 model has all the additional services implemented in GMO miner B2, including a daisy chain connection of up to 32 unites, online update software and more.

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