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Litecoin [LTC] is extremely secure and mining is very healthy


The Monero [XMR] wallet was announced by Monero [MXR] team last month. This new wallet includes new designs and features to provide benefits for the community of Monero. The special key features are complete security and privacy, quicker transactions and client-based operations.

The wallet has gathered a lot of attention from the community and cryptocurrency world, wholly due to its features, including the language support of 10 languages and the extended storage ability to transfer a maximum amount.

Monero is a decentralized network and run by a network of users. Its trading is confirmed through distributed consensus on the network. Monero provides a secure network and the avoidance of any third party.

Unlike other top cryptocurrencies, this blockchain provides more security and privacy to its users through the blurring of entire addresses between sending and receiving the amounts of the transaction.

This enables the Monero blockchain technology to block the access of linking to a particular user and any real-world matching of identities. It uses the ecosystem of ring signature and confidential transactions to hide the details of the deals.

The key features of the XMR wallet are that it’s completely based on their client, they will be able to access instant creation of an account, fast transactions, it supports multiple languages, allows easy usage since it requires no logs or registration, access of multi-seed, auto updates of viewing of balance.

There will be latest updates on more features which would be added soon. In addition, they will include easy access to the branched chain of coins such as Monero Classic [XMC], MoneroV [XMV] and Monero Original [XMO].

gingeropolous, A Reddit user commented:

“best of luck to yah. It may take a while to gain trust… are you using the openmonero backend, or did you cook your own?”

TheseAreBetterDays replied:

“Seems like an enormous amount of work – so many congratulations. For your own sake, make it open source or else you’re going to get murdered in this sub.”

endogenic commented:

“Having another Monero web wallet also helps with decentralization in case MyMonero is inaccessible.”

gonzalopers replied:

“If it supports any monero forks, I’m not gonna use it, ever…”

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