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PRINCE NEO, Part Three of Chronicles of Ethereum, Published by Strategic Coin


NEW YORK, NY, April 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Strategic Coin, a leading crypto-research and advisory company, today published Part Three: “PRINCE NEO” of the company’s five-part, in-depth research series entitled: Chronicles of Ethereum

Part One of Chronicles of Ethereum, titled: ““The Lion, the Witch, and the Protocol,” introduced the mastermind behind Ethereum. Published on March 20, Part Two, “Return to Classic,” delved into Ethereum’s differences with Ethereum Classic. Today, “PRINCE NEO” is available on the Strategic Coin website.

“PRINCE NEO” examines the evolution of China’s first public blockchain. The NEO platform, started by Da Hongfei, was designed to satisfy the needs of existing enterprises and cater to Chinese government regulators and authorities, a very different approach when compared to Ethereum’s focus empowering decentralized communities of individuals. The publication concludes with a table comparing the two technologies based on ten different key criteria.

The study also examines how NEO strategically entrenched itself as a business-friendly blockchain poised to thrive in the world’s largest blockchain restricted population. 

Strategic Coin’s Director of Research, Sam Lee, stated: “Today’s publication of “PRINCE NEO” is perfectly timed to offer insights into blockchain as it evolves in The People’s Republic of China. Recent events in China underscore the power and controversies surrounding blockchain, which will face challenges and regulations during its adaptation. As the world’s second largest economy, according to the most recent figures from the World Bank, China will have a tremendous impact on the application of blockchain. We hope readers will download our publication and become more educated about NEO, which is attempting to position itself as the de facto Chinese public blockchain in a market handling approximately $1 trillion in digital payment transactions annually.” 


Strategic Coin is a premier provider of market and sector research, strategic consulting, and token launch services to the blockchain industry. Its Viability and Strategic Assessment (VISTA) Reports are backed by comprehensive industry, management, and project due diligence. VISTA reports aim to be the most authoritative and thoroughly vetted view on a project’s short and long-term potential. 

Strategic Coin’s executive team leverages decades of experience in investment banking and venture capital, with expertise in research and nurturing startups to successful exits. Strategic Coin’s clients range from established corporations to leading startup projects, bridging the gap between traditional business and the emerging world of cryptofinance.

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