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Tackling blockchain technology in the accounting profession

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in the accounting and financial services field, but a substantial amount of uncertainty remains. While it...

Why Blockchain Might End Up Eroding Your Online Privacy

Why Blockchain Might End Up Eroding Your Online Privacy  ForbesFull coverage Source link

Slovenia Claims World’s First Blockchain Monument

Slovenia Claims World's First Blockchain Monument  U.S. News & World ReportFull coverage Source link

DHL, Accenture Reveal Blockchain Prototype To Tackle P… | News

Logistics giant DHL announced it had partnered with Accenture and created a Blockchain-based supply chain prototype March 12.In a joint press release,...

Binance To Launche Its Own Blockchain, Upgrades BNB Token

Hong Kong-based Binance.com is in the works to debut both its own ‎blockchain and an upgraded version of its cryptocurrency – this is...

Carrefour Turns To Blockchain For Supply Chain

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email In an oversaturated market, it seems one of the only ways left for supermarkets to differentiate themselves in the grocery wars is to...

Iowans on cutting edge of blockchain revolution

<!--Total Para: 1 Long Para:0 Long Pra Total: 13 Total Para Total: 16--> Blockchain will change the world, as long...

Unibright Seeks to Make Blockchain Technology Universally Accessible

Blockchain technology has been nothing short of a revelation, with 2017 seeing major strides being made thanks to the crypto boom. Now, companies...

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