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Upcoming ABCC Platform Token To Embrace Bitcoin Mining Philosophy, Business News

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach  - July 3, 2018 - ABCC, the world-class cryptocurrency exchange, recently announced the issuance of its platform token, ABCC Token (AT), to reward its platform...

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Drop: Floods Took Mining Farms Out

A few days ago, a mysterious dip in Bitcoin mining power coincided with a significant price drop. The Bitcoin network suddenly retreated from peak...

TMGcore Opens First-of-Its-Kind Crypto Mining Facility Designed to be Energy Efficient

An American crypto mining operation has launched the first-of-its-kind facility that aims to cut cooling and energy costs.TMGcore is a technology development company...

Still Don’t Understand Proof of Stake?

One of the most commonly criticised aspects of the Bitcoin network is the tremendous computing power, and thus electricity requirements, needed to validate...

Cryptocurrency Mining Profits Are Way Down

Cryptocurrency Mining Profits Are Way Down  ForbesFull coverage Source link

China Floods Wipe Out Crypto Mining Farms, Bitcoin Hashrate Drops

The cumulative hashing power dedicated toward Bitcoin took a hit this week after extensive flooding of mining centers in Sichuan, China. Eric...

Bitcoin Is Too Expensive, Mining Bitcoin Cash a More Viable Option...

Bitcoin is too expensive, it’s more viable...

These are the largest Bitcoin mining farms in the world

These are the largest Bitcoin mining farms in the world  Digital TrendsFull coverage Source link

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