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Onchain Founder, Its time to go bullish on Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum


Onchain Capital’s founder and host of CNBC’s African Crypto Trader, Ran Neu Ner is going bullish on Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum and passing the Bitcoin on to look from the further opportunities in the crypto sector.

Neu-Ner was interviewed by CNBC when he made all these comments. He pointed that the United States SEC was very cautious with introducing the legislation regarding crypto assets and it was a prudent move at that time.

But now it can harm the US cryptocurrency industry if the proper regulatory framework is not introduced.

He warned that there was a danger of the Brain Drain from the United States to the countries like Malta, Japan, and Singapore.

The talented individuals from America go to these places to start their own ICO’s. These places are known for their relaxation on taxes regarding the crypto industry and their welcoming attitude to investors.

Neu-Ner who pointed that he was traveling widely to these regions. He is talking with the regulators and policymakers in these countries. According to him, United States is falling severely behind.

He said that the SEC’s approach was responsible one given the nature of the crypto assets but now we all know crypto is real and blockchain is the technology of the future. These two are not going anywhere.

These two pre-conditions should be enough to introduce favorable regulatory frameworks to attract ICOs and protect the cryptocurrency industry in the States.

He was open to questions regarding his decision to FODL on Bitcoin and HODL on Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. He felt that Bitcoin prices will go up but in a very stable manner.

But there are other opportunities at hand here. There are some exciting new altcoins who have the potential to show remarkable growth in coming days.

According to him, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum are like gold right now. He said that people’s cashing in on Bitcoin is responsible for its prices going down. They will go up when institutional interventions will take place in the future by infusing money into Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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