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Japan’s GMO to start selling 7nm Bitcoin [BTC] mining chips from June


Roger Ver gives his thoughts on Bitcoin Cash and its fork in a news interview with CNBC’s Fast Money. He is very positive on Bitcoin Cash and predicts that the coin will hold a value which is as high as Bitcoin’s.

Roger Ver is a well-known cryptocurrency investor. He is one of the first people to invest in Bitcoin and is known for his site Bitcoin.com. He has high hopes for cryptocurrency and believes that it will become the future of currency.

In the interview, Roger is questioned about the Fork to Bitcoin Cash. He comments that it was an upgrade to BCH resulting in increasing the number of transactions for the coin. The main reason for the upgrade was to make the coin more accessible to investors. The upgrade makes BCH’s transactions speed 30 times greater than Bitcoin’s.

He also says that BCH has more utility and can be used as money in various countries. Countries like Bangkok accept BCH for food, coffee, and other things. He also advises business startups to start using Bitcoin Cash.

The interviewer then proceeds to question the liquidity of Bitcoin Cash and how would it rise in value. Roger then replies that BCH has a higher market cap than what Bitcoin did a year ago and hence shows a bullish sign. He also says that companies are coming up with new innovations based on Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin.

He then proceeds to criticize Bitcoin saying that it is slow and unreliable. He praises the developers of BCH saying that they work hard to make BCH successful, as they follow the same path which made BTC successful.

Roger Ver says:

“I am very bullish on Bitcoin Cash, just like I was when I was the very first investor of Bitcoin in 2011.”

Another interviewer asks whether Bitcoin Cash can be used in day to day life like in America just like it is in Thailand. Roger replies by stating that companies like Coinbase are already using BCH to accept payments with Bitpay as the payment processor to accept payments.

He says the reason why BCH is more popular is that it can be stored and be spent as cash, something the top cryptocurrencies lack.

When asked to give his thoughts on BCH surpassing BTC, Roger says a lot of people are already lobbying BCH and he witnessed an exchange which supported BCH. He says BCH is growing fast and furiously.

He gives an example of how BCH surpasses BTC stating that he received his first Bitcoin on a site called Bitcoin Faucet, but now it is not possible. It is possible to receive $0.15 worth BCH on a site called free.bitcoin.com. He predicts Bitcoin will be 10 to 20 times higher than the current value and BCH will be 2 times more value in a year.

Roger Ver says:

“All of the new innovation is taking place on Bitcoin Cash, it’s no longer taking place on Bitcoin.”

Behc39 a Twitter user says:

“1. Who is that idiot (besides Roger) saying Bitcoin Core? 2. Roger assumes she will call it an HF so he sticks to his canned response saying it was an upgrade, even though she used the term upgrade. 3. Doesn’t answer the question why bcash is down over 7% into the HF.”

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