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‘Shark Tank’s’ Kevin O’Leary and Mark Cuban give advice on bitcoin


Richard Branson, a season 9 guest shark on “Shark Tank,” invested in bitcoin a few years ago.

“I put some money in bitcoin because I like to learn about things, and I think whether bitcoin is the one — I think there will be a global currency,” Branson told CNBC in 2014.

“For people who can afford to invest a little in bitcoins, it’s worth looking into,” Branson wrote on his blog in 2013.

That year, he announced to CNBC that his commercial space flight company Virgin Galactic accepted a payment in bitcoin from a flight attendant in Hawaii for a seat on a trip to space. The Winklevoss twins, famous bitcoin backers, also used the cryptocurrency to book a spot with Virgin Galactic.

In 2014, Richard Branson told Bloomberg about bitcoin, “I think it is working. There will be other currencies like it, maybe even better, but in the meantime, there is a big industry around bitcoin.”

And, he explained that the digital currency’s wide price swings are an opportunity for some to profit. “People have made fortunes out of bitcoin, some people have lost money out of bitcoin,” he said. “It is quite volatile, but in volatility people can make money.”

He’s also invested in crypto-related businesses: Branson is an investor in bitcoin payment processing company BitPay, according to Crunchbase, and he backed bitcoin wallet start-up Blockchain last year, CNBC reports.

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