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Shower yourself with Bitcoin | The Outline


Wanna take a nice hot Bitcoin shower? Bathe in some Ethereum? Breathe in the calming altcoin fumes after a long hard day?

As ridiculous as it sounds, you really can clean yourself using the power of the blockchain (please, no one tell Silicon Valley). Just ask Reddit user Limping-Zebra, who posted a video of his bitcoin-mining-rig-powered shower to r/hardware last week:

Like a soothing onsen, but completely unnatural.


For the unaware: Bitcoin is a virtual currency, powered by the blockchain (think of it like a giant ledger of all the Bitcoin transactions ever), which is created by computers. When someone says they’re “mining” Bitcoin, they really mean they’re devoting a computer (or, in this case, 36) to the blockchain upkeep effort. (If you want to know more about the blockchain/Bitcoin mining as a whole, read this).

Mining takes up a lot of energy: Creating a single Bitcoin currently requires at least as much electricity as the average American household burns through in two years, according to figures from the New York TImes. Computers that are in the process of mining run hot. Usually, that energy would end up in the atmosphere, raising the temperature of the Earth ever-so-slightly and contributing to our impending demise (not to mention the pollution that comes from coal-powered countries like China, where most Bitcoin mining is happening). But, occasionally, it can be repurposed to satisfy practical heating needs, like warming a home, or heating weed grow houses. Efficient? No. Better than nothing? Maybe. If you’re looking for us, we’ll be at the bitcoin spa.

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