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Despite ICO Phishing Problem, Blockchain’s Bee Token Still Aims At AirBNB


BLOCK TRIBUNE: What about the renter?

JON CHOU: So the renter, in order for them to participate in our platform, they have to go through a know-your-customer process. Which means they need verification and all that. So I think that will be … They can still have their profile, but the most important part is that we take in their identity and log it.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Airbnb has had some problems with folks discriminating based on race, how are you going to deal with that?

JON CHOU: Yeah, so for this, we’re still looking into this issue. We’ve seen this issue pretty early along, but we haven’t found any concrete steps that were willing to disclose to the public yet on exactly our steps. So we’re looking into it.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:: Okay. Several communities have cracked down on Airbnb rentals. Do you have any plans on dealing with that beyond what Airbnb has already done?

JON CHOU: Currently we don’t have any plans. I think our main priority right now is to prove the feasibility of our concept. Which means is what we’re going to be starting with about 50 Airbnb super-hosts in San Francisco. And I think as we scale, we’ll definitely tackle these problems more directly.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Tell me about your ICO plans. 

JON CHOU:  So we have token sale on January 31. And right now, we’re just trying to make sure that it runs smoothly. Our servers don’t crash, and we’re able to take in the large amount of traffic. We’re not going to crash the ethereum network. So working through all of these cases for now and then after token sale, we’ll be able to revisit a lot of the fundamental project parts.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: Do you have a stop date in mind for this, or is it a cap on amount raised?

JON CHOU: It’s going to be a cap on the amount raised. So we’re going to be raising 5 million in this token sale. And it will in total, we’ll raise 15, including the presale. And for us, what we’re going to do, is we’re going to allow about 30,000 people to come in and each purchase a set maximum contribution of our token. I think, and then if it’s not fully filled out, it will go to a second day, which they can buy up to double their initial contribution they made.

BLOCK TRIBUNE: If all goes well, what’s your timeline for actually launching the first rentals on this?

JON CHOU: Yeah, so after this, we’re going to be releasing our ethereum test mat version so the entire public can play with it. And then in two months we’ll be releasing the live version.

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