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Finally, A Bright SPOT in Cryptocurrency – The Daily Telescope


We are positioning SPOT and its platform to take cryptocurrency mainstream


If you feel like you need access to a super nerd with a PhD in computers, economics, and security to understand Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies – you are not alone. Currently, the Bitcoins and Ethereums of the world are not for the faint of heart or technologically challenged. SPOT Me Coin Project (SMCP), however, aims to change the overall cryptocurrency experience. Of course, to say that is a major challenge, is a bit of an understatement, governor.

SMCP’s vision is a platform similar to Apple’s approach for its products and app store for ease of use. SMCP’s CEO, Ben Franklin proclaimed, “Apple’s approach to its platform is so brilliant and easy to use that modeling our platform after Apple makes a tremendous amount of sense. We are positioning SPOT and its platform to take cryptocurrency mainstream and make it much more present in our daily lives.”

The project determined it was easier to accomplish what they need to do with its own cryptocurrency, SPOT, rather than building a platform to support a different currency. Franklin added, “There is just so much that needs tightly integrated when it comes to the currency and extending its possibilities. We can’t accomplish it without a coin that is flexible to the platform.”

Although currently in the midst of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), SMCP is gearing up for the launch of its SPOT currency. “We have a great team in place that has gotten us to where we are today and intend to grow our team to execute our vision,” stated Franklin.

In addition to creating SPOT, SMCP is building a platform for developers to build add-ons to the cryptocurrency. Offering third party access comes with its own set of challenges, but SMCP is putting the framework in place to address those challenges head on. Like Apple, third party add-ons will undergo rigorous usability and security reviews before being added to the platform.

To put a spotlight on the effort, SMCP created a “Great SPOT treasure hunt”. The project hid a USB drive with the keys to get 1 million SPOT somewhere in the world and gave 30 clues to find it. “So far there has been quite a bit of interest, but the USB drive hasn’t been found.” Franklin said. While it may not be worth much today – with its ICO price of 12 cents a coin- the treasure hunt has the promise of becoming very interesting as the SPOT Me Coin Project gains momentum.

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