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Bitcoin 101 – idchains – Part 1 – The Basics Of A Bitcoin-Based Global Identity System


idchains – The Face of Identity:

2015 might just be the year of identity. Numerous global projects have stumbled at the point of identity, and billions suffer from inability to invest and maintain their own identities. Corrupt and politicized governments are not often the best answer. But they have traditionally been the only option. Combining the oldest and newest technologies of identity (face recognition and bitcoin), James D’Angelo provides an ultra simple, yet endlessly robust scheme for tackling the problem.

In this video James D’Angelo presents the problem, design goals and the first steps of implementation with the technology. Future videos will dive deeper into the philosophy, logic, use cases, implementations as well as providing more robust solutions for the technology, incorporating opcode return, merkle roots and merkle trees, etc.

Links & Python code mentioned in the video:
http://worldbitcoinnetwork.com/eyedcode.zip (python 2.7 code)

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This video is dedicated the loving memory of my mother Anne Abigail D’Angelo Jan 7, 1938 – July 10, 2015. No one has ever been more willing to pick up the phone and listen any time of day or night than her. I miss you mom.

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